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Artist of Surrealist Art
Reydel Espinosa

Cuban artist Reydel Espinosa's official website. Unique surrealist artworks. Surrealism oil paintings. Stories and news. Art studio in Old Havana, calle Lamparilla 255.超現實主義 藝術投資 南美藝術 達利畫風 新銳藝術家藝術收藏 藝術創作 藝術展覽 藝術策展 亞洲繪畫藝術家 藝術作品買賣 超現實主義油畫創作

Entering the world of my painting is entering a field of infinite possibilities

About Reydel Espinosa

Reydel Espinosa was born in Holguin, Cuba in 1985 and grew up in the countryside. Thus, nature is very inspiring to his creation. As a self-taught artist, Reydel considers the originality of an artwork’s idea is far more significant than the techniques. “I am keen on not only producing works with technical perfection but also with themes that inspire the spectators to reflect on their own points of view” Reydel is a storyteller, and the story comes from his imaginations.

 “I owe my artworks to be seen by the world”



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