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A Bizzare and Magnificent Life Journey

The Magic of Life, Magia de la Vida in Spanish, is one of the most significant pieces by Reydel Espinosa in 2021.

Surrealist oil painting and latin American art by cuban artist Reydel Espinosa
Oil on Canvas | The Magic of Life | 133x123cm | 2021

It’s a very symbolic artwork, which depicts how the main character, a creature like a species of gazelle, ridden by a monkey, is giving lives. For example, the scene, in which a pelican brings another species from the ocean to be fed, represents the magic of nature and how nature prospers.

The gazelle-like figure is holding an ankh, which is an Egyptian symbol of life and it once again gives a positive message about the circle of life in prosperity. Animals are given life in his painting with virtues and intelligence to do impossible things.

“It is a sacred mission and necessity for me as an artist, to bring these inner images to light as they represent some unique spiritual value.

I owe my artworks to be seen by the world.”
Reydel said.


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