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Reydel Espinosa, a Surrealist Artist with Enchanting Imaginations

Surrealist oil painting and Latin American art by cuban artist Reydel Espinosa
Cuban artist Reydel Espinosa painting at the patio of Carmen Montilla Gallery in Old Havana

Delicate, magical, and rich in mixtures of colors and light, in combination with various mythical animals from fairy tales, Cuban artist Reydel Espinosa invents the enchanting and mystical world in his surrealist artworks.

When other children were playing football or swimming in the ocean catching fish, the young boy Reydel was determined to become a great artist at the age of 14 years old.

Surrealist oil painting and latin American art by cuban artist Reydel Espinosa
Cuban artist Reydel Espinosa painting in Old Havana

To many people’s surprise, he is a self-taught artist. At the early stage of his development, he frequently visited the National Fine Art Museum in Havana.

He observed and emulated art masters’ artworks intensely to improve his skills. He worked very hard to achieve his current excellence in artistic techniques.

Due to the lack of the academic training, Reydel shapes his signature style in surrealism without a conventional framework. Unrestrained by rationality and rules, he has a liberal mindset to create inconceivable imagery presented in a poetic and philosophical ambience. His paintings make spectators reflect on human being’s relationship to all living things and explore spirituality in one’s inner universe.

Reydel said

“In my paintings,

spectators are rather empowered to interpret what they see instead of receiving my messages.

I consider myself a storyteller,

and the story comes from my imaginations.”


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